Our Principles

Our Principles

The reason for our existence as Erciyes Anadolu Holding Group and Serko Yay is to create value and benefit for internal and external customers. Our Principles guide us towards our goals. A common language guides us to develop a common course of action. By underlining our behavior and common values, it reminds us of our strengths which differentiate us from other companies. In this sense, in line with our corporate culture, Our Principles, which we, as employees, accept together with the stakeholders and the employer, increase our effectiveness of working together and producing results together.


The 9 Principles that comprise our Principles Set reflect the important values that we, as the employees of Serko Yay ,hold dear in our daily lives. Our principles, the extension of our values and the importance we attribute to them, are a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us and are the driving force behind Serko Yay’s success.


Our Principles Set forms the basis of our human resources processes and practices such as recruitment, rotation, career management, training and development, and job analysis.


As Erciyes Anadolu, while continuously obtaining business results based on common values, we have a strong sense of responsibility towards our environment, society and World. That's why we put assurance above all else.

Win Over Hearts

The principle of Win Over Hearts is to reflect the deeply entrenched culture of tolerance emanating from the land it was borne from onto behavior. It means getting stronger by building long, sustainable relationships to be us and succeed together.

Produce Results

Erciyes Anadolu has enormous goals. The institution owes its dynamism to the successful realization of previous targets and ensuing results. The Produce Results principle is the future guarantee of this dynamic.

Be The Best

If we want to be the best, we have have an appreciation for the importance of working with the best. So, Be the Best in Your Business Principle means being the expert consultant for all relative questions in the respective field. The best has thorough expertise and executes the position with high standards.

Seize The Future

Not a day goes by without another new trend, unique design, way of doing business, or perspective not entering our lives. Over the last 15 years, our lives have been changed by sweeping innovations that add up to the innovations of all of human history. We cannot compromise the principle of renewal lest we take our place in this dizzying world of VUCA and build a stronger future.

Understand The Customer

We are aware that customer and customer oriented thinking are the most important criteria for sustainability. So, our main principle is knowing the value we create for our customers with the work we do and to walk side by side with the customer to carry this value further.

Add Meaning

Completing daily work without compromise is not enough. This is just the basis of what we do. Knowing and understanding how each task within our work scope contributes to the whole is the main source of our motivation. Give Meaning is building the future by seeing the big picture.


Erciyes Anadolu executives use the principle of empowerment to facilitate the lives of employees who will carry the institution forward step by step. Erciyes Anadolu leaders develop and strengthen their teams by providing all the necessary resources and supporting their teams to do their jobs properly.


Erciyes Anadolu executives set an example for the future generations. Setting out from the philosophy that we need to be guides in ordr to set examples, they carefully observe and coach their employees so that they become leaders of the future and contribute to their development. For them, no job is more important than guiding their team and preparing the organization for the future.