Our Policiy

Human resources


We know very well that the success is a natural consequence of the being a team.



For this reason, we value human that is one of the important  rings of chain which bring  us success and we are doing investment to the them. And we are expanding human resources with new ones  for continuing success line that we have. We are choosing workers  among the best match to our corporate philosophy of individuals.


Environment Policy


            Protecting the environment living in is everyone's duty in the world. Serko, which is fulfilling their responsibilities towards not only the nature but also all creatures who live now and in the future, performs all phases of environment-friendly production  and respectful organization with environmentally friendly methods.



            In line with the environmental policy it has, Serko which takes care to use natural  resourses in a contolled raises awareness for environmentally friendly production methods  in the tranining given to employees. Serko's environment policy that sees ecolology which pass on as healthier an cleaner environment forfuture generations, by giving education on the environment and making improvoment thanks to conscious staff, to ensure the disposal in accordance with the legal requirements of waste, to use natural resourses in control, take measures to detecting dangers that may occur, respect nature and creatures for a clean environment is the environmental policy of our company.


OHS Policy


Serko who value their employees bring success to him, keeping the safety and health of workers at the forefront gives great impartance to respect for social values and working. OHS policy that is  with the aim of minimizing the probability of all the elements and that may be a threat in the work environment  developed by Boyçelik;



- Minimizing the risk of OHS, our employees and provide a safer working environment for the health of the interested parties

-Raising awareness by training employees

-Iimprove system continuously

-comply with the by laws and regulations to be an exemplary organization,

- To take measures in advance identifying and hazards that may occur

is out OHS policy.


Energy Policy


Serko,  which is aware of  this world is not just us  and also it belongs to the coming generations,  is performing the production activities carried out without damaging the environment carries minimizing the energy consumption. 



.  Serko that use priciple for the conservation of energy resources rapidly diminishing natural resources  as minimum in accordance with legal regulations on energy with maximum efficiency raises awareness of energy consumption by giving continuously training. In addition, Boyçelik are sure to choose  the highly efficient use of energy resources and energy-saving technologies.



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